Clyde Fenton kids share thoughts on love

Norah and Bethany share their thoughts on what love means to them.

Norah and Bethany share their thoughts on what love means to them.

Children from Clyde Fenton Primary School answered one of life’s big questions … what is love?

February 14 is recognized internationally as a day to declare and celebrate love. 

In today’s world, Valentine’s Day means chocolates, roses and love letters, but medieval celebrations were a little different. 

During ancient Valentine’s Day festivities, Roman priests would dip animal hides in blood and whip women in the belief that it would make them more fertile.

Other rituals included a matchmaking session where bachelors would pick a ladies name from an urn. 

The history surrounding the holiday’s namesake is mysterious, but popular legend holds that the Roman Emperor Claudius II executed Saint Valentine around 278 A.D on February 14. 

St Valentine’s crime was he continued to perform marriage ceremonies in secret after some unions were outlawed to encourage men to join the army. 

Supposedly, Valentine signed a farewell note before he was beheaded, "From Your Valentine."

Today, the Greeting Card Association estimates that loved ones send approximately 145 million cards around the world every year.

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