Doing better without bulk billing

Rev Kristan Slack

Rev Kristan Slack

Apparently, we have medical resource issues in town.

I’ve been thankful for the treatment I’ve received so far from both the hospital and the GP clinic.

Understandably resources are limited. And so this issue got me to thinking about Jesus.

It got me to thinking: Jesus does better than bulk billing. In fact, Jesus foots the bill for his services entirely.

Just to be clear, I am convinced Jesus did physically heal people – but I’m not talking here about that. Rather than restoring to physical health I’m thinking about forgiveness – restoring people to a healthy relationship with our Creator.

Jesus heals the breach between us and our Maker. A number of times when Jesus did physical healings he redirected the healed person to a deeper wound – a division between the person and God.

Jesus did something about the wounds deep inside us that we can’t get medical help for. Jesus is able to fix the things we didn’t even know were a problem until he exposed them.

Jesus does better than bulk billing; better than shifting expenses from patient to doctor to government. Jesus offers full forgiveness and paid the cost with his own life.

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