Snap our April cover photo

MOST people have snapped a photograph of a local scene they are particularly proud of.

So why not share it with us?

The beauty of the local landscape captivates thousands of visitors and locals, and demands many of us to record them on our mobile phones or cameras.

We want the best cover picture we can find for our popular Facebook page.

Each month we have a competition to find the best shot out there for our cover photo. 

Our March cover photo taken by Sam Yeoman during a helicopter flight over Nitmiluk Gorge was seen by more than 37 thousand people on Facebook this month.

With only a week to go until April rolls around, submit your best shot and we’ll run a poll next week for our readers to pick the winner.

Here are some pictures which have already been contributed this month but perhaps you can do better?

Facebook message us with your picture, or email