Why are you so angry?

Maintain your rage, said outgoing Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

 And some of us have been doing so all our lives, and not just about politics.

Anger is hard to handle.

It flares up seemingly out of nowhere.

Or it smoulders, silently, on the inside, a dormant volcano—some of us are very good at hiding it there, but it is still real.

Anger can be a force for good – the energy and emotion to get us active about righting a wrong or an injustice.

Or a force for terrible evil - you need no examples.

Anger has no favourite age – it can equally erupt from a 90 year old as a 2 year old.

It might have some favourite catalysts – heat, tiredness, hunger, alcohol, perceived powerlessness, bullying.

It might have some favourite targets – those closest to us, other drivers on the road, innocent shopkeepers, the facebook rant to/at a third party, or in our mindseye where we rehearse and fantastize our revenge.

Perhaps it is a convenient x-ray of our inner self-a litmus of what we hold dear. Denial is no way forward – the volcano will wake up eventually.

But if you knew you were safe, and valued, could bad anger be put aside for good?

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