Ending quad bike law confusion

REGISTER: Any motor vehicle driven in any public space in the NT has to be registered.
REGISTER: Any motor vehicle driven in any public space in the NT has to be registered.

Northern Territory police say they have had a lot of questions from the public about where you can and can’t ride quad bikes/buggies.

Police said the basic answer was that any motor vehicle driven in any public space has to be registered.

Where can I ride my quad bike/ buggy?

Recreational quad bikes and buggies can only be ridden on private property. You can't ride in any public place - including a road, park, beach, or footpath - unless you have a conditional registration for work related purposes (ie, litter collection, ground maintenance, herbicide spraying, park management).

So can I ride my quad/buggy/dirt bike from my property to my friend’s property? 

No. You will need to organise appropriate transport of your quad/buggy/dirt bike.

What about the dirt track around recreational areas and hunting reserves?

You cannot ride a quad bike or buggy in any public area unless you have a conditional registration.

What about registered dirt bikes? Where can we ride these?

There are no restrictions on registered vehicles unless there are ‘road closed’ signs.

Why don’t these rules apply to push bikes?

Push bikes are not a motor vehicle under the Motor Vehicles Act: “motor vehicle” means any motor car, motor carriage, motor cycle, goods vehicle, motor omnibus, motor tractor, or other vehicle, propelled upon public streets wholly or partly by any volatile spirit or by steam, gas, oil, or electricity, or by any means other than human or animal power, and includes a trailer at any time attached to a motor vehicle but does not include any vehicle used on a railway or a powered cycle.

When did these laws come into effect?

These laws have always been in effect, they are not new laws.

What legislation covers these laws?

Registration and Licencing requirements fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.

For more information please visit: https://nt.gov.au/…/motorcycles-quad-bikes…/quad-bike-safety


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