Take a look at our town's new art piece

A new sculpture will be erected in Railway Terrace as a part of council’s plan to revitalise the town’s CBD. 

Katherine Regional Arts creative producer Anna Weekes said the sculpture “will be a part of the cultural trail of the Railway Terrace revisioning”. 

”This is the second week the team has spent building the sculpture, it has been a process of experimenting and prototyping,” Ms Weekes said.

“Gary Manballoo is the concept designer and he has designed this sculpture to sit in a yam garden and the yams will grow up it.”

Katherine Town Council have been working with the NT Government on “The Railway Terrace Revitalisation project”.

A council spokeswoman said the project has been “identified in the draft Municipal Plan 2017/18 as being a series of activities and elements that improve the area as a multi-use community recreation space that includes:

·       The new RSL Cenotaph (already funded and underway)

·       A railway museum precinct (already funded)

·       Connections to the main street (including an upgraded town square)

·       A potential new function centre on the river’s edge

·       A new cultural trail and associated spaces for community and tourists (funding is scheduled for 2018/19)

·       The remaining spaces will be put out to community consultation for submissions as to potential uses.”

Ms Weekes said sculpture experts Mark Swartz and Nina Ambjerg-Pedersen have been mentoring three local artists, Gary Manballoo Ron Manyita and Diane Bruce.

“Katherine Regional Arts and Mimi have partnered on this project and the funding has come from an Australian Council for the Arts grant,” Ms Weekes said. 

Concept designer Gary Manballoo said he was thinking about lilly pond leaves when he dreamt up the abstract design. 

“It will make a shade for people who want to stand under it for a while and have a look at the garden,” Mr Manballoo said. 

“I think more people and tourists will go to Railway Terrace to look at the art and probably take some photos.”