Outback love story with fairy tale ending

An NT builder decided to go for something a little different when he proposed to his girlfriend.

He made his own engagement ring out of a spanner. 

Jamie Rowlands new mother-in-law Nola Sweetman described the proposal as “unique”.

“He proposed on Christmas Eve, I think they were outside having a beer and he proposed,” Mrs Sweetman said. 

“He gave her the circular end of a spanner he had re-worked into a ring, it was very special.”

Mrs Sweetman had the joy of officiating her own daughter’s wedding on July 29.

“Liz Sweetman, born and bred Katherine girl met Jamie Rowlands at Clyde Fenton Primary school when she was eight-years-old,” Mrs Sweetman said.

Both Jamie and Liz eventually left Katherine to pursue their careers as a builder and a nurse respectfully. 

“Year later Lizzy moved to Darwin to work and one night after a nurses function her and her colleagues still had more energy to expend so went to Bogart’s Bar in Parap. 

“Lizzy spotted him and said Jamie Rowlands is that you?

“He looked perplexed for a minute and said oh my God Liz Sweetman!

“Clearly the chemistry was still there and he wooed her with his fancy foot work on the dancefloor.”

Mrs Sweetman said the wedding guests – local, interstate and overseas, lapped up the perfect weather and dry season beauty.

“They were married in a beautiful rural setting on his property at Darwin River complete with cattle and horses in the background,” Mrs Sweetman said. 

“The newlyweds enjoyed the festivities so much they were the last couple standing at sunrise.

“In absence of her beloved father Derek,  Liz’s brother Tim walked her down the aisle.”

Mrs Sweetman said her advice is the same to all newlyweds. 

“Everything changes after you are married, cherish everyday, you have found this person who you love and life is short, enjoy every moment,” Mrs Sweetman said. 

“You can make every day special by doing the little things, leaving little notes, the phone calls, picking a wildflower for them.”