10 things I love about Katherine – 2. Community

Buildup is coming. So here’s the second thing I love about Katherine: community.

I have friends who for the past few months have spent their weekend and discretionary time clearing land. For people to run on. Yes, the Ultra Marathoners benefited from the quiet work of others who have humbly and generously gone about their task while nobody is watching. Why would anybody do that?

I’ve written before about the Katherine Athletics club.

But what I didn’t mention is that the people who help out with Little Snappers (the toddlers) deal with kiddies who can’t stand in line, struggle to listen to instructions, tend to go in the opposite direction of where they should, and sometimes throw tantrums on the field. Why would anybody do that?

Why would people volunteer to spend time unpaid fighting fires that could hurt them? Why would people volunteer to listen to kids read at school?

I’m sure you have some thoughts.

But I’m even more sure you have further ways people work together to build our community. And that’s just it – that’s another thing I love about Katherine.

You people genuinely care about this community. And you want to build it up.

And that’s beautiful.

St Paul’s Anglican Church meets on Sundays at 9am with kids church. All welcome.


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