10 things I love about Katherine. No. 10. My family

I can remember when my dad finally came to terms with our more nomadic lifestyle in his last decade.

He was driving home from shopping and noticed a signboard with the words: ‘home is where the heart is’.

For a man who tended to obsess about house design, and structures, and systems, this was a big realisation.

The final (and main) thing I love about Katherine is that my family are here. I’ve moved more than twenty times in my life, and across three countries. Having friends is helpful – but having family is crucial.

For me, this runs two ways – my wife, and my boys; but also my church. Because there have been places I’ve lived and loved but have had no blood-ties around me.

Yet I’ve discovered other Christians there, and they are genuinely family too.

Here in Katherine I have the best of both worlds. Both kinds of family.

If you’re reading this, and you have neither – stop by at our church sometime – we’d love you to join our family.

No offence Katherine – no matter where I’d be, I’d love it not just for all the lovable things, but for the presence of family.

St Paul’s Anglican Church meets on Sundays at 9am with kids church. All welcome.