Tindal invites Katherine for a swim

From tomorrow the Tindal pool will be open to the public from 6am until 8pm while the town pool is “cleaned” of toxic PFAS chemicals. 

“RAAF base understands the importance of supporting the local Katherine community and is working closely with the Katherine Town Council to restore the Katherine YMCA pool,” a defence spokeswoman said. 

Adult swimmers must come to the pool with photo ID to be permitted inside. 

Children do not need ID, but the adult accompanying them must have photo ID. 

Entry to the RAAF Tindal pool is free. 

Katherine’s public swimming pool breached safe levels of chemical contaminants in the water in late September. 

Katherine Town Council closed the pool for a fortnight to fix the problem. 

The safe level of PFAS for recreational water use is 0.7 micrograms per litre.

The public swimming pool has recorded readings of 0.84.

Katherine Town Council CEO Robert Jennings said as an interim solution other sources of water would be secured to replenish the pool and further testing would be undertaken.

“This is a precautionary move, we have put a plan in place with a two week turn around time,” Mr Jennings said.