Police close down illegal grog trade

Police have arrested a woman in Katherine South for allegedly selling alcohol without a licence. 

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Malogorski said police seized four 30 cartons of beer, one litre of rum and one litre of bourbon from her property. 

“A 20-year-old woman was charged with two counts of selling liquor without a licence to Katherine residents, she was later bailed to appear in Katherine court,”  Det. Sen.Sgt Malogorski said.

“Two males were also issued with drug infringements.”

Det. Sen.Sgt Malogorski said police had been running checks on alcohol restricted premises in Katherine. 

“As a result police seized two 30 packs of beer and issued a liquor infringement notice at a Katherine East property,” he said. 

“At another Katherine East property police seized 23 litres of alcohol, a small amount of cannabis and issued four people with liquor infringement notices.”