Katherine devours 2000 pies a week

 EAT ME: Free pies attracted a lot of residents to the new store last month.
EAT ME: Free pies attracted a lot of residents to the new store last month.

It appears everyone in Katherine has been lining up for their piece of the pie.

A Pie Face pie that is, from the new fast food outlet at United Petroleum.

United is selling a mammoth 2000 pies from its Pie Face outlet each week.

That’s one in five of every person living here.

The Katherine Times has even been told people from Darwin are placing orders for the NT’s newest fast food offering and paying friends travelling from Katherine to deliver them.

Of course, there’s the back order from KFC or Hungry Jacks on the three hour hike along the Stuart to Katherine

A United spokeswoman said the newly opened Pie Face store has “well exceeded expectations”.

Probably because they underestimated how many pies a Katherine tradie can munch through on a smoko. 

“There is a clear appetite for the product, Katherine is one of our best performing stores in the country,” the spokeswoman said. 

“It is definitely in the top three.

“We are selling an average of 2000 pies a week. Last Saturday we sold 700 in one day.”

Katherine’s CBD halted to a stand still last month when free pies were handed out to celebrate the store’s opening. 

It was chaos as Katherine residents lined up to get their hands on a hot pie. 

Pie Face was part of the official opening of the new United Petroleum’s service station in Katherine, right next to the Katherine high level bridge.

Katherine is the first community in the NT to have a Pie Face outlet.