Water treatment plant open on December 2

Katherine’s new $4 million water treatment plant add-on will be opened to the public.

Rushed to the town five weeks ahead of time from the USA, the new ECT2 water treatment plant was supplied by Defence to remove PFAS from Katherine’s bore water supplies.

It is now successfully operating after being installed by Power and Water in October.

The plant successfully cleans PFAS chemicals from bore water.

The plant treats about one megalitre of bore water per day.

Katherine historically uses about 15 megalitres per day at the peak of demand in a dry season, but has successfully reduced that by an average of 20 per cent with the introduction of water restrictions in August.

Power and Water will open the new treatment plant to interested members of the public on Saturday, December 2 at its Morris Road treatment plant.

The plant will be open between 9am and noon.