A welcome to Katherine

Welcome to Katherine: Please ignore the facebook haters. Or, at least, I think that’s the warning people need when they’re about to move here. Which many people do at this time of year. Oh, and don’t be fooled by the quiet street and quick service time in the supermarket. Just wait till dry season.

If you’re not new, I wonder what your tips would be for moving into this town. Don’t drink the water? Or don’t worry about the water.

Maybe for every warning there’s an equal and opposite positive piece of advice. Take advantage of the air conditioners. Just use fans and harden up. You see what I mean.

Props to you if you have just moved here. Seriously. This isn’t even a good wet season and you’re probably second guessing coming here in the first place.

We’re glad you’re here. Whether it’s for a month or two on your working holiday around Australia, or for longer, all of you make Katherine what it is.

And if you’re a Christian, I just want you to know that at this Anglican Church, we love Jesus, and you’d be welcome here too. Or, thankfully, at any of the other churches in town.