Wet week for Top End

RAIN TIP: Forecast rainfall for the early parts of this week. Graphic: Bureau of Meteorology.
RAIN TIP: Forecast rainfall for the early parts of this week. Graphic: Bureau of Meteorology.

It's going to be a very wet week across northern parts of the Top End, the Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting.

Another trough is “gathering strength” near the north coast, the bureau said.

“A weak tropical low may develop and move southwest during the week.”

Top End

·         Heavy rainfall is forecast for NT coastal areas during the next few days as the trough near the north coast strengthens

·         Four day totals of 150-200mm are likely in coastal areas, with 50-100mm inland as far south as Pine Creek

·         A weak tropical low has formed near the Cobourg Peninsula on the northern NT coast, and is forecast to track in a southwesterly direction towards the north Kimberley coast during the week

·         The most likely track for the low will be close to the northwest Top End coastline, and given the proximity to land, there is only a low chance it will develop into a tropical cyclone in the northern region

·         Severe weather warnings for heavy rainfall which may create hazardous driving conditions and lead to flash flooding are likely to be issued for areas near the north coast (including Darwin and the rural area) tomorrow and on Wednesday

·         Although the system is expected to move southwest quite quickly, there may be some river rises and a flood watch or warnings may be issued later this week for the North West Coastal Rivers

·         Average February rainfall for the north western Top End is 300-400mm for the month - so far Darwin has seen 129mm, with 145mm at Noonamah and 155mm at Pirlangimpi

Southern NT

·         Heatwave conditions continue for many parts of the south NT, with increasing humidity and chance of rain as we head towards the weekend

·         By the weekend, temperatures are forecast to drop down to the mid to low 30Cs, with showers and storms possible

Forecasts are for a wet week in Katherine as well although expected rainfall totals remain low.

Most of the action is expected to occur in the northern parts of the Top End.

“There are no significant tropical lows in the region,” the bureau’s cyclone forecasting service reports.

“The low may develop further during the week.

The likelihood of a tropical cyclone in the Northern Region was put at low but forecasters are watching how the low develops as it moves west.