Big croc caught on property

Katherine rangers caught a 3.67 metre male crocodile today. 

A family living on Spear Grass property, about 40km north of Pine Creek, thought something was strange when their goat disappeared. 

Then their duck went missing. 

Senior wildlife ranger John Burke said once they spotted the croc, they knew he was the culprit. 

“They have a 50 metre billabong on the property which comes off the McKinlay River,” Mr Burke said. 

“They spotted the croc and gave us a ring, so the team went and set up a trap on Thursday.

“He was quite quiet when we got him out, he didn’t cause too much trouble,” he said. 

Mr Burke said the capture of this croc should serve as a warning to fishos and hunters this Wet Season. 

“People who are out fishing or hunting should be aware that crocs can be lurking around anywhere,” he said.   

“Avoid going near the edge of the water, always stand at least five metres from the water’s edge when fishing.

“Stay out of the water, you can never be 100 per cent sure there is not a croc around, do not underestimate a crocodile.” he said.

To report saltwater crocodile sightings in the Katherine region phone 0407 958 405.