Annual online bull sale

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources will be holding its annual Katherine bull sale on June 20 with an online auction.

There will be 83 bulls presented by DPIR in the auction, consisting of four 2013 bulls, one 2014 bull, twelve 2015 bulls and sixty-six 2016 bulls, of which, 10 are scurred (PH) and 73 are horned (HH).

Pastoral research officer Whitney Dollemore said the Northern Territory presented many challenges for pastoralists including ticks, heat, large paddocks and limited nutrition.

“Despite these challenges however, there are cattle bred in the NT that are very productive and adapted to the climate and conditions,” she said.

“One of the aims of Selected Brahman project run by the department is to produce bulls that balance reproductive soundness with growth.

“The herd bulls produced from this program are progeny from cows that have low age of puberty and are able to reconceive whilst lactating a trait that will be passed on to their daughters who become the makeup of the breeder herd.

“These bulls have also been selected for high yearling and 18 month weight. Although this is not comparable to Brahmans selected for high growth it is maximised to balance reproductive performance, environmental conditions and growth to turnoff at 18 months, which is the purpose for which these animals have been designed.”

The 83 bulls presented by DPIR in the online auction by AuctionsPlus will occur at 10am on June 20.

For more information please contact Whitney Dollemore at the Katherine Research Station 08 8973 9749 or Paul McCormick from Elders Katherine 08 8971

The following day there will be a female auction for the surplus female stock from both the Selected Brahman and Composite projects.