Fixing up mobile black spots

There are many gaps in the telephone coverage in the Katherine region.
There are many gaps in the telephone coverage in the Katherine region.

Hard to reach mobile black spots will soon be addressed under the Federal Government’s plan to improve telecommunications in regional Australia.

Minister for Regional Communications, Bridget McKenzie has announced a new round of funding under the Coalition's Mobile Black Spot Program.

Under Round 4 of the program, the Coalition will invest $25 million to improve coverage in black spot areas across regional Australia.

Minister McKenzie said the latest round will ensure regional Australians are not left behind.

“As a regional Australian myself, I've seen firsthand the benefits that reliable mobile connectivity can bring to our communities and how it enables them to fully participate in the digital world and contribute to Australia's economic growth,” Minister McKenzie said.

“This new round demonstrates the Coalition's commitment to ensure regional Australians have access to 21st century communications.”

“We are doing this by investing in areas overlooked by mobile network operators due to commercial reasons.”

“The new round will call for applications from mobile carriers within the coming months, taking input from state, territory and local governments, as well as businesses, community organisations and emergency services,” Minister McKenzie said.

“The rollout of base stations under previous rounds of the Mobile Black Spot Program is over halfway complete, delivering benefits to hundreds of communities throughout Australia, by connecting them to essential business, education and health services.”