Massive home run in softball

On Saturday, round seven of Katherine softball was played out with the first game between Rockers and Rebels.

Rockers batted first with Francine Bain leading the batting and going on to score a run.

Rebels’ first bat of the game saw them bring in six runs to get out to an early lead.

In the second inning Rockers were unable to score with Rebels pitcher Mel Retchford proving to strong.

Rebels then went and scored a further two runs with a massive home run to Georgia Armitage.

In the third inning Rockers scored one run again from a safe hit to Francine Bain.

In Rebels final bat of the game they brought in four more runs with a three base hit to Kristy Stevenson.

Rockers was unable to score and the mercy rule was called with final scores, Rebels 12 to Rockers 2.

Best on ground for Rebels was Mel Retchford, Georgia Armitage and Tamika Fisher while for Rockers it was Francine Bain, Jaylah William and Libby Ross.


In the second game Wanderers was up against Arnhem Crows.

Wanderers kicked off to an early lead bringing in five runs with Keely AhChin hitting a two-base hit. Crows replied and brought in four runs.

In the second innings neither team was able to score with both fielding a tight inning.

In the third innings, Wanderers brought in eight runs again with Kelly AhChin shinning on the bat.

In the last inning Crows brought in three runs with Susie Katherine and Justine Cook both having safe hit.

In the end Wanderers walked away winner with final scores Wanderers 18, Arnhem Crows 7.

Best on ground for Wanderers was Fiona Manfong, Keely AhChin and Carol Manfong while for Arnhem Crows Helen Lee, Susie Katherine and Lana Broome.


This week Wanderers and Rockers play the first game at 11am with Arnhem Crows and Rebels at 12.40pm