More money for Arnhem Highway

There is money for the Adelaide River floodplain upgrade.
There is money for the Adelaide River floodplain upgrade.

The Federal Government has approved funding approved for six upgrades between the Northern Australia Roads Program and Beef Roads Program over recent months.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack said the six approved projects would see upgrades to the Arnhem Highway’s Adelaide River Floodplain, the Barkly Stock Route, Plenty Highway, Tablelands Highway, Tjukaruru Road and the Buntine Highway.

“Federal approval is an important step in progressing these projects, which will collectively support the ongoing economic development of our regions across Northern Australia, particularly those with expanding mining and agricultural industries,” Mr McCormack said.

“It is pleasing that construction has already kicked off on the $40 million Buntine Highway and $25 million Plenty Highway sealing projects, which will support remote communities, agriculture, mining and tourism. Similar upgrades to the the Tablelands Highway and Tjukaruru Road are progressing through the tendering process, with major construction due to start in the near future.”

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan said the $600 million Northern Australia Roads Program (NARP) and $100 million Northern Australia Beef Roads Program (Beef Roads Program) were part of the Australian Government’s commitment to develop the North.

“We can also announce approval of federal funding for the development phase of the $77.9 million Arnhem Highway – Adelaide River Floodplain Upgrade, to which we have committed $62.3 million aimed at making that key road link more reliable between the Stuart Highway and Mount Bundy,” Senator Canavan said.

“Through both NARP and the Beef Roads Program, the Australian Government is investing in improving high-priority roads across Northern Australia essential to the movement of people and freight and the North's economic development, as well as bolstering the reliability, productivity and resilience of cattle supply chains.”

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Eva Lawler said the upgrades were focused on sealing, flood immunity and strengthening works.