Rebels too good for Crows - Katherine softball

Rebels got out to an early lead in the first inning of their match against Arnhem Crows on Saturday in Katherine Softball scoring 4 runs to Crows 0.

In the second inning Rebels extended there lead scoring a further 11 runs with crows scoring 1 run.

Final scores Rebels 17 to Crows 1.

Best on ground for Rebels was Theresa Anderson batting a perfect 1000 batting average along with Taylah Ogilvie and Georgia Armitage while for Arnhem Crows Lana Broome Veronica Moreen and Lyn Trindle.

The second game between Rockers and Wanderers was a thriller.

Both teams scored two runs each in the first inning.

Some outstanding softball was played by both teams with low scoring and strong field.

In the fifth inning the scores were level at four apiece.

In the sixth inning Rockers got one run over the plate with Wanderers going into bat in the seventh and final inning having runners in scoring position but Rockers held them out to win the game.

Final scores Rockers 5 to Wanderers 4.

Best on ground for Rockers was Lucreisa Girdler making 7 outs and 3 safe hits. Along with Peta Ross and Francine Bain while for Wanderers Keely AhChin, Debra Ogilvie and Janna Saglibene.