Mataranka’s last rodeo of 2018 | photos and video

Mataranka’s last rodeo for the year went off with a bang attracting about 600 people over the weekend. 

Harry Lawton, the only bull rider in the open section to qualify, came out as the champion of the night, taking home a $2000 prize.

Rodeo President Virginia Boon said despite lower rider numbers this round, the event was a success. 

“Rider numbers were down as we were competing against other events this week,” she said. 

“We had riders going to the Cloncurry Rodeo, Harts Range Races and the Kununurra Rodeo.”

The rodeo was Mataranka’s final for the year. 

Spectators and competitors will have to wait until next year’s Never Never Festival to get into the action once again. 

Rodeo Results: 

Poddy Ride 5-9 years

1. John Whitehouse

2. Peter Bright

3. Max Whitehouse

4. Adam Bracey

Poddy Ride 10-13 years

1. Marcos Yates

2. Harry Shrimp

3. Maddison Williams

4. Beau Simpson

Junior Barrel Race U/13 years

1. JJ Bracey

2. Keeta Garate

3. Lilly Bright

4. Abe Bracey

Juvenile Barrel Race 13-17 years

1. Demi Quirk

2. Sara Suchowski

Junior Bull Ride 14-17 years

1. Matthew Collis

2. Sarah Suchowski

3. Sam Stanford

4. Brady Curriez

Novice Saddle Bronc Ride

1. Jake Mason

2. Damien Brennan

Novice Bull Ride

1. Liam McCue

2. Matthew Collis

3. Kevin Bully Jack

4. Sam Davidson

Steer Undecorating

1. Krissy Lambert

Station Buckjump Ride

1. Cecil Luxford

2. Sam Stanford

Open Barrel Race

1. Brittany Hampton

2. Martha Hepburn

3. Hailey Curriez

4. Krissy Lambert

Open Bareback Ride

1. Brendan Zappa

2. Paddy Webster

Open Saddle Bronc Ride

1. Damien Brennan

2. Jake Mason

3. Cecil Luxford

Open Bull Ride

1. Hazzard (Harry) Lawton