Lindy Chamberlain’s letters come to Katherine

Jeanette Cronin. Pictures: Lisa Tomasetti.
Jeanette Cronin. Pictures: Lisa Tomasetti.

Letters to Lindy, a stunning work from award-winning playwright Alana Valentine explores the controversy around Lindy Chamberlain that divided the nation.

It will be performed at the Godinymayin Arts and Culture Centre on Saturday, August 18 at 7.30pm.

The story of Lindy Chamberlain captivated a generation of Australians.

A mother accused of murdering her child, her claim – that the baby was taken by a dingo – denied and discredited by zealous police and a flawed legal system.

The media circus, the rumours, the mob mentality, and a nation’s prejudices laid bare.

Based on actual letters received by Lindy Chamberlain from members of the public, Letters to Lindy is touching, authentic and provides a deep insight into one of the most compelling legal and human dramas of our times.

It paints a singular portrait of the heartbreak, wisdom and resilience of a grieving mother and her 30-year fight for justice.

The touring production will feature the original cast of Jeanette Cronin (TV’s Crownies, Janet King and Rake) as Lindy Chamberlain, alongside Glenn Hazeldine, Phillip Hinton and Jane Phegan, and is skillfully directed by Darren Yap (Ladies Day, Miracle City).

Godinymayin Arts and Culture Director Poppy Searle said “We are proud to have this powerful play at our Centre as part of its 21-venue national tour. This is a story that resonates with Territorians and I welcome the opportunity for our audiences to engage with all aspects of the Lindy Chamberlain tale.”