Fishos called as part of NT fishing survey

Telephone surveys have begun as part of an NT-wide recreational fishing survey, funded through the NT Government’s $50 million investment in recreational fishing.

No such survey has been undertaken in the NT since 2009-2010, when the recreational fishing sector was valued at $80 million.

Having up-to-date information on the size and value of our recreational fisheries will allow the NT Government to plan and support the sector’s growth into the future, creating job opportunities in the fishing, boat, tackle and tourism industries.

NT-based fishos are being randomly contacted by telephone and asked if they will take part in a comprehensive 12-month diary program where they record their fishing activity.

Later this year the NT Government will also begin carrying out surveys at boat ramps to find out how your day on the water went. This will help provide a more complete picture of recreational fishing activity in the Territory.

A final report from the surveys will be publically available. All information provided by survey respondents will remain confidential.

Primary Industry and Resources Minister Ken Vowles said: “The Territory’s recreational fishing sector creates hundreds of jobs for locals and contributes millions of dollars to our economy, so it is vital we support and manage the industry into the future.

“The $50 million is a once-in-a-lifetime investment by the Government to boost the recreational fishing sector for years to come.

“As part of that investment, the recreational fishing survey will help determine the number of people who fish, where and when they go fishing, the species of fish they target, and how much time and money they invest in the activity.

“This information will help us support and boost the sector in the right areas, to create jobs for Territorians and help the Territory fishing experience remain world class.

“It is also critical for the effective, sustainable management of our fisheries.”