Skin cancer can be a sore point

The latest in a long line of skin cancers is surgically removed, and there's sure to be more to come.
The latest in a long line of skin cancers is surgically removed, and there's sure to be more to come.

Yes the picture is not very pretty.

But neither is skin cancer.

This is a very personal warning to all Top Enders to have their skin checked.

You see, it is my arm.

As I write this it is sore and stinging.

I personally don’t need any warning, this one was about number 30 and I’m sure there will be plenty more to go.

Even knowing the dangers I was motivated to have it removed after watching a TV interview last week with John Blackman – Blackman from Hey Hey it’s Saturday fame.

The voice of “Dicky Knee” has a cancer on his chin which may take his jaw along with it.

At the end of his interview, Blackers’ impassioned plea was for people to have their skin checked.



I knew this beast was on my arm but after years of dice and slice I try and avoid the pain.

Mr Blackman reminded me not to and so I headed off to the doctors last week to have it removed.

A hundred bucks (no Medicare) and about 15 minutes out she came.

Now I have to wait on the pathology report to make sure he got it all.

A few times there was a little cancer on the edge and they have to break the stitches and go in and chop some more.

I hate that.

But then again, pain is not my thing.

Although I have the skin type which seems to play host to cancers, I admit to being somewhat fortunate to have avoided melanoma so far.

Mine are the more common, but still dangerous, basal skin carcinoma.

I can blame genetics, a life outdoors growing up on a farm, regular sunburn – all of that.

It was hardly a holiday to the beach if we didn’t have a good dose of sunburn on day one.

The rest of the holiday was spent darting in and out of the water and hiding in the shade.

My arms, back, head, neck, shoulders – not so much the legs yet, but they’ve been everywhere.

These things are nasty and can spread under the skin, some in the blood, and have a nasty habit of killing good folk.

Please don’t wait as long as me.