The trouble with friends in Katherine

​As the year draws towards the end all too quickly, and we begin to find out which friends will leave town, I thought I’d reflect on the difficulty of making and keeping friends here in Katherine.

The trouble with friends is the travel

The transport, the transience.

Old friends all come at once

Then leave as suddenly as the dry

To leave us suddenly in extremis

My premise? Friends are hard to find

Nevermind it’s hard anyway anywhere

But here – who comes to stay?

New friends come, but are we friendly any more?

Hardened by seasons of legions coming and going.

And life lived coolly indoors (or camping outdoors)

Doesn’t help the connecting.

Friends in clubs or pubs or schools might come

Unless you’re spent by day’s end

Or introverted – then just pretend

That you don’t need a friend.

Maybe we’re the real humbuggers

Demanding friendship from others

But not coming through ourselves

Do we look for friends or to be friends?

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