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Top tips to help producers meet integrity system requirements

eNVDs are the faster, easier way to complete consignment paperwork required for transporting livestock.

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As a red meat producer, you must be able to stand by what you sell.

Meeting your integrity system requirements is the key to guaranteeing red meat produced on your property is safe to eat, fully traceable and in demand.

The Australian red meat integrity system combines livestock traceability with on-farm assurance to maintain the integrity and reputation of Australian red meat. This system underpins our livestock selling system and delivers customer confidence in the red meat products we produce.

Integrity Systems Company (ISC), a subsidiary of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), manages and delivers Australia's red meat integrity system. The foundations of this system are:

ISC has compiled this list of handy resources to help you find out what you need to do as part of the integrity system - so you can spend less time in the office.

Have you tried the eNVD?

Producers who are LPA-accredited can use LPA National Vendor Declarations (LPA NVDs), which link on-farm assurance to livestock traceability. LPA NVDs are a legal document guaranteeing the quality and safety of Australian red meat products and enabling traceability of those products along each link in the value chain.

The electronic NVD is the faster, easier way to complete livestock consignments. It is a system for completing all consignment paperwork digitally, including NVDs, livestock assurance and health declarations.

The eNVD system is particularly useful in the event of an emergency or other adverse event where a current version, hard copy LPA NVD is not available.

The benefits of the eNVD include:

Watch this short video on how to use an eNVD

Access eNVDs via your LPA account.

Producers also have access to the paper version of the LPA NVD. Watch this short video for tips to complete an LPA NVD

Link your integrity accounts

Red meat producers can sign-up to myMLA to access all their industry accounts - including NLIS, LPA MSA and Livestock Data Link - in one place, with one password. This saves time and ensures all the information you need is easily accessible. myMLA also delivers personalised content in a customised dashboard - and anyone can create an account.

Watch this short video about myMLA

Sign-up or log-in to myMLA.

Keeping good records

Keeping good records is an essential integrity requirement for producers. Accurate farm records demonstrate compliance with the LPA on-farm assurance program, which means producers remain LPA-accredited and can access LPA NVDs to transport livestock.

However, there is no perfect formula for record-keeping and producers can choose to create and store their records in a format that best suits them - provided all relevant management activities are accurately and clearly recorded. ISC has created free record keeping templates so producers know what must be recorded.

Download free record keeping templates from the ISC website.

Storing farm records

Producers can now keep their on-farm records required for LPA in the record keeping section of the LPA website. This means all required records can be stored in one location, saving time and ensuring easy access in the event of an LPA audit. Producers can also use their LPA accounts to complete property risk assessments and farm biosecurity plans digitally rather than on a printed template.

Download a fact sheet on how to create or upload documents.

For more practical information, tips and tools to help you meet your integrity requirements, visit the ISC website.