UFO: Gone in a split second

ANOTHER sighting of an unexplained light in the night sky above Katherine has been reported.

David Schuman, who photographed what he believes was a UFO at the Strongbala Men’s Health Centre last month, said he was washing dishes at the Centre on Thursday night, when he ran out of water and went outside to fill up the water tank.

“It was just on dark and I had just turned on the pump when I spotted a dullish, grey object in the sky over the highway,” he said.

“It was there for only a few moments when all of a sudden, it glowed like the sun in its strength in a bright light.

“I couldn’t turn my eyes away and after no more than a second it suddenly shot across the sky like in a continuous flat bright line.

“When it streaked away I couldn’t determine a shape in it at all, and in fact I don't know of anything that could have survived travelling at such a speed as it was travelling.”

Mr Schuman said the freak sighting only lasted a few short seconds.

“Even if there had of been a camera in my hand at the time, it wouldn't have made any difference at all, the damn thing was there one second and then it was gone, literally in a flash,” he said.

The UFO spotter said it appeared the light shot off in northern direction “above the Stuart Highway or parallel to it”.

The sighting took place around the same time a Territory man had the fright of his life when he was travelling along the Stuart Highway south of Tennant Creek and was chased by what he believes was a UFO.

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