Having a dog of a day, day 6

This is Lord Bristol Ruffington, a one year old purebred Catahoula.

Despite his growling photo, this canine’s mum said it is all a facade. 

“He just loves to smile, not a mean bone in his body.

“He loves chasing plovers, sleeping and hunting for dairy products,” she said.

Do you think your dog has a better shot at becoming Katherine’s favourite pooch?

Jump aboard to have a dog of a day with the Katherine Times.

In the lead up to the town’s Doggy Day 2017, we are inviting dog lovers to send us a picture of their much loved pooches.

Every day we will feature a dog of a day on our website and through social media.

In the final week of the promotion, the Katherine Times will invite readers to vote for their favourite so we can award our most loved hound a 2017 dog of the day certificate.

You can email your pictures to lydia.lynch@fairfaxmedia.com.au, Facebook message us, text 0475 989 881, or even drop a picture in to our Katherine Terrace office if you like.

Please include your dog’s name, breed and some fun facts. 

Doggy Day will be held on Saturday, July 8 between 8.30-11.30am on Civic Centre lawns on the Stuart Highway.

There will be council ranger talks, market stalls and exhibitions, competitions and prizes, kids fun activities, demonstrations, dog grooming and free doggie bags.

Food and drinks will be available.

C’mon, you reckon your best pal is the cutest in the town, send in a pic.