What the heck? Another lottery winner in town

Three big lottery prizes have been won in a year in Katherine.
Three big lottery prizes have been won in a year in Katherine.

Some grey nomads have won $150,000 with a scratchie, this time bought at Top News.

This couple with the midas touch had already won $10 million earlier in the year.

All this on the back of the Katherine man today claiming his two million prize for a TattsLotto draw five weeks ago.

Despite the clamour about the town’s newest multi-millionaire, the man only checked his ticket, stuck to the door of his fridge, yesterday.

The Gold Coast couple are doing a lap of Australia and bought their $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket in Katherine during the trip..

But it’s not the first time the couple has experienced that winning feeling – in January, they won a division one prize of $10 million in Oz Lotto.

The couple admitted they were stunned to have won another major windfall.

The top-prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Top News.

“After we won Oz Lotto we upgraded our caravan and have been travelling ever since,” the happy man explained.

“We were in Katherine and just popped in to get an Instant Scratch-Its.”

The winning woman added: “We scratched it and thought we’d won the top prize and we studied it so much, but I didn’t want to get too excited until we could claim the prize and have everything confirmed.”

Despite having two major wins under their belt, the roving couple admit they’d never considered themselves to be “lucky” people.

“We’ve never been this lucky,” she said.

“We’re the kind of people who wake up one day to find out all their super has been lost down the tube.

“Now we’re wondering if these things come in threes and whether we’’ll have another win before the end of the year.

“It’s unbelievable.”

As for their plans for their Instant Scratch-Its windfall, the couple plan to continue their travels across Australia.

“This win interrupted the holiday a little bit, but it’s been a very happy interruption,” the man laughed.

Top News owner Sondra Barry said the outlet was celebrating selling its first top-prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“The couple wouldn’t believe it was real, but we could see it had won the top prize,” she said.

“It was so exciting – we’re so pleased for the couple.

“This is the first top prize Instant Scratch-Its we’ve sold – hopefully there’ll many more to come.”