Wanderers steal the show - softball

Round 8 of Katherine Softball kicked off with Rockers up against Wanderers.

Rockers batted first and brought in a run thanks to a safe hit to Jo Delacouer but it was Wanderers who stole the show at their first turn at bat bringing in 13 runs with safe hits all around including a 2 base hit to Tynisha Allwright.

In the second inning Rockers came up to bat and score 2 runs and then held Wanderers from scoring further.

The the third and final inning Rockers was unable to score when Wanderers went back in a batting rally with 5 more run to give them a 15 run lead.

The game was called with final scores Wanderers 18 to Rockers 3. Best on ground for Wanderers were Tynisha Allwright, Carol  Manfong and Kerry Scrutton.

The second game was Rebels and Arnhem Crow.

Rebels batted first and brought in 5 runs with Crows unable to score in the first inning.

In the second inning Rebels brought in 6 more runs with a 2 base hit to Mel Retchford.

Crows replied scoring 1 run with a safe hit to Vita Brinjen. In the third and final inning Rebels went on a batting rally with safe hits all around bringing in an further 15 runs.

Crows had the last bat of the game and and with safe hit brought in 5 runs but it was too late, time was called.

Final scores were Rebels 26 to Arnhem Crows 6.

Best on ground for Rebels were Georgia Armitage, Mel Retchford and Kaillee Brown while for Crows Susan Katherine, Vita Brinjen and Annemarie Lee.

This weekend’s games are 11am Rockers v Arnhem Crows and 12.40 Wanderers v Rebels.