Why is it called the ‘show’

​My boys will be decorating biscuits and constructing crafts, my wife is trying her luck at brownies again, and this year I’m baking a fruit cake. For the ‘show’.

Why bother?

It’s not as though the prize money is sufficient for the fruit cake ingredients. And the acclaim isn’t exactly widespread, though my talented wife did impress a few people last year.

So if not fame and fortune, why?

We humans have an innate desire to create and produce and share. I see it in my boys and, though they certainly have more than their share of moments of smashing-bashing-destruction, there’s a deeper desire within them to make, and then to share.

It’s not the same as showing off and it’s more connected with joy than boasting. Deep within we reflect a God who also creates, produces and shares – for the joy of it. For example, think of the gratuitous sunrises and sunsets of the top end. God shows and shares his creative joy with us.

Likewise, the ‘show’ is at its best when it enables us all to share and show what we’ve created, made and produced. So get along, and share our joy.

St Paul’s Anglican Church meets on Sundays at 9am with kids church. All welcome.