Kalano players miss tribunal hearing

Further charges against players in the Big Rivers Football League brawl from May 18 have been further delayed.

The BRFL independent tribunal panel sat last night for the hearings of Kalano players Gabriel Henry and Jason Hogan in relation to incidents between Kalano Bombers and Katherine Camels.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the players were unable to attend, and the club has advised the other two charged players, Abraham Henry and Jesse Hogan, would also be unable to attend this week, an AFL NT spokeswoman said.

“The tribunal accepted the reasons for the players’ absence, and after assessing the circumstances, determined that it is important to hear from the players to ensure fair process.

“The tribunal has deferred all matters to next week, and the players remain ineligible to play.”

There are only three matches left in the home and away season in BRFL.