Dancing from the neck up with Jesus

I’ve got the music in me.

Though my self-consciousness controls any outbreak so I only dance on the inside. Besides, you don’t want to see a Rev dance. No, really, you don’t.

Daddy, why do you tell people about Jesus? My five year old asked this on a trip to Darwin last week.

I had an answer then, but I’ve got a better one now: I’ve got the music in me.

Last week I enjoyed the live music of trio The String Contingent at GYRAC. It was mesmerizing. Many times I found myself grinning at the sheer pleasure of the music. I discovered my head was moving to time without even realising

I was dancing, at least from the neck up. But it was dark enough for me not to mind. Even better was having a friend there to share it with.

And when I got home, I wanted to tell my family how awesome it was, and anyone on Facebook who would listen.

Like my boys dance, like I grin, on the same impulse to share joy, I want to tell people about Jesus. Because my best joys come from knowing him. Because of him, I’ve got the music in me.

St Paul’s Anglican Church meets on Sundays at 9am with kids church. All welcome.