Lady tradies surge as women and girls flock to traditionally male-dominated fields

Nearly one third of the Territory’s 3400 apprentices are now female.
Nearly one third of the Territory’s 3400 apprentices are now female.

‘Lady tradies’ are driving a surge in NT apprenticeships, as women and girls flock to traditionally male-dominated fields. 

The number of women and girls who have embarked on apprenticeships in the Territory has jumped 21 per cent over the past 12 months. 

And now one third of the Territory’s 3400 apprentices are female.

Minister for Workforce Training, Selena Uibo said her priority is maximising job opportunities for all Territorians by investing in programs that can diversify the workforce.

“The Power Careers program is not only addressing industry skills shortages and supporting our businesses, it is creating opportunities for women and girls, who may have previously felt too intimidated to seek apprenticeships in these male-dominated fields.

“A diverse workforce of trained, skilled Territorians not only benefits our businesses by enabling them to make the most of future economic opportunities, it benefits the Territory economy,” she said. 

While female apprenticeship numbers are still highest in traditionally women-centric industries, such as health, education, clerical, tourism and hospitality, traditionally male-dominated fields have seen spikes in popularity thanks to more targeted initiatives.

The government’s Power Careers program launched in February and has fuelled a surge in popularity of the electrotechnology industry with women and girls.

Electrotechnology apprentice Stacey Shaw, aged 26, is just one Territorian who is maximising her job opportunities. 

“I had an interest in the electrical industry when I was at school, but wasn’t confident enough at the time to be able to pursue a career in the industry. Now that I have matured, I have been able to seize this opportunity,” she said. 

The growth has been driven largely by the Territory Labor Government’s Skilling Territorians initiative, which offers financial incentives to employers who take on apprentices and trainees.

Male apprenticeships also jumped by six per cent in the same time frame.

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