New water treatment plant jets in

Picture: Sid Mitchell, Aviation Spotters Online.
Picture: Sid Mitchell, Aviation Spotters Online.

An aviation website is reporting the arrival of Katherine’s new water treatment plant from the US at Darwin Airport.

Aviation Spotters Online today said the  Antonov Airlines plane flew into Darwin from the east coast USA, via Alaska and Japan.

The website said the plane was carrying “some oversized cargo - a self contained water treatment plant from Emerging Compounds Treatment Technologies - (ECT2) of Portland, Maine, to treat water in Katherine”.

Katherine MLA Sandra Nelson said: “It’s good news that the plant has arrived and I thank everyone in Katherine for working together to adopt the conservation measures.”

The Department of Health maintains that the drinking water is safe, however water conservation measures will continue as an additional precautionary measure until they are reviewed in November this year.

The water treatment plant, provided by the Department of Defence and manufactured in the United States, will treat up to one megalitre of bore water each day.

This together with the 10.3 megalitres produced by the existing plant will assist in reducing the levels of PFAS in Katherine’s water supply, Ms Nelson said.

“We all need to play our part as a community to keep our drinking water safe, and the water conservation measures are important to give the community some control, including reducing irrigation frequency and increasing efficiency

“We as a community can show that we’ve done what we can to reduce PFAS concentrations.”