Outback NT town a long way from Canberra but still disgusted

Katherine resident Bruce Francois.
Katherine resident Bruce Francois.

Self confessed Katherine stirrer, Bruce Francois, a former long-time pharmacist, is disgusted by events in Canberra.

Katherine is an outback Northern Territory town, located 300km south of Darwin.

“We seem to be a long way from them, and they seem to be a long way from us,” Mr Francois said.

“By that I mean, they don’t really represent the people who elected them.

“We have a lot of issues bubbling away here which gets lost in their squabbling doesn’t it.

“It just feeds apathy, people see them squabbling and worrying about themselves all the time and just give up on them.

“The whole thing is a joke.

“Dutton is my pick if it gets to that, I agree with some of his principles but he might not have the job for long.

“And I am no fan of Bill Shorten either.

“I just they’d let people see out the full term of their appointments, the people elect the person they want as Prime Minister, now they know better.”